Saturday, April 19, 2014

My New Blog!

Hello Everyone! I stumbled upon this blog and couldn't help but to remember when i first made it. The excitement i found upon making it suddenly came back to me. I've decided to relaunch my blog due to the sudden motivation and creativity i have for it. There are so many things i have planned for this blog ,and i cannot wait to share them with you! This is a creativity outlet for me, and i'm excited for you all to be apart of it. I've decided to take a new approach this time, and instead of this just being a beauty and fashion blog (which it still will be) I also want to share my love for self confidence and learning to love yourself for who you are. Of course outer beauty only goes so far! I want you all to feel like you have self worth, and with this being something i truly love to help girls with as well as a big promoter of. I hope this blog brightens your day and truly makes you feel like you are worth so much more than you feel now! I'm truly excited to relaunch this blog coming up soon!
            Much Love,
                      Abbey Mae

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