Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fingers Crossed / / 2015

I find myself in moments in life where i don't know where the heck i'm going or where i'm gonna end up. I've always like the idea of a new year. It brings hope and encouragement to one another and whether you choose to take the new year as a new start or as motivation is up to you.This year I've decided instead of having one new year's resolution i'm going to use the year to change my life and accomplish things I've always wanted to do. Which brings us to this point i'm using this blog post as a letter to myself so when i look back next year I can see how much I've actually accomplished if anything.

Dear 2015 and myself,
As you know my love for traveling is a forever growing thing. My hope for you is that this year you will see at least one place you've never seen before. You will not worry about life for a few days maybe even a day and travel. Pack your bags and go. I'm not saying it has to be some crazy far away place you have on your list to visit. Although if by God's will you are able to visit one of those places don't ever double think it, go. Along with this you've created jars for yourself to save up money for just two of the many places you want to go. I hope you will fill the jars to the top and continue striving to reach going there one day. Australia and New York watch out we will be flying to see you one day.
Here is a forever growing list of places you want to visit:
-New York
-Los Angeles
-New Orleans
Recently you've noticed your body, skin, and hair have been effected by the choices you have made on what you consume. I hope you take this and change what you are eating. You've been on and off eating healthy and not eating healthy for a while but i think it's time to commit. I'm not saying do it all at once but start slow and work your way up. Here is list of things I would love to change in my lifestyle by the end of the year.
- Drink lots of water (cut out the little bit of sodas you drink)
- Eat more organically
- Cut out breads, pastas, and dairy/meat
- Exercise more
With this being said i want you to feel more confident in your body. Stop worrying about what you'll look like and wear the stuff you love. Wear the clothes you feel confident in and embrace your style even more.
You love to create. This year i want you to create more whether that be drawing more and writing more. Take some time out of your day and create something. You've always wanted to design a clothing line, start now. Why wait? Take more pictures. Learn guitar. Learn the drums. Use your creativity for whatever you feel you should use it for.
Go to as many concerts as your ears can handle.
Scream as loud as you can and lose your voice. It'll come back i promise.

                  Overall work hard to accomplish the goals you've placed above your bed.

                                             You can do it I believe in you.
                                                         Fingers crossed.
                                                 -Abbey Mae 12/31/14 4:59 pm

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