Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fingers Crossed / / 2015

I find myself in moments in life where i don't know where the heck i'm going or where i'm gonna end up. I've always like the idea of a new year. It brings hope and encouragement to one another and whether you choose to take the new year as a new start or as motivation is up to you.This year I've decided instead of having one new year's resolution i'm going to use the year to change my life and accomplish things I've always wanted to do. Which brings us to this point i'm using this blog post as a letter to myself so when i look back next year I can see how much I've actually accomplished if anything.

Dear 2015 and myself,
As you know my love for traveling is a forever growing thing. My hope for you is that this year you will see at least one place you've never seen before. You will not worry about life for a few days maybe even a day and travel. Pack your bags and go. I'm not saying it has to be some crazy far away place you have on your list to visit. Although if by God's will you are able to visit one of those places don't ever double think it, go. Along with this you've created jars for yourself to save up money for just two of the many places you want to go. I hope you will fill the jars to the top and continue striving to reach going there one day. Australia and New York watch out we will be flying to see you one day.
Here is a forever growing list of places you want to visit:
-New York
-Los Angeles
-New Orleans
Recently you've noticed your body, skin, and hair have been effected by the choices you have made on what you consume. I hope you take this and change what you are eating. You've been on and off eating healthy and not eating healthy for a while but i think it's time to commit. I'm not saying do it all at once but start slow and work your way up. Here is list of things I would love to change in my lifestyle by the end of the year.
- Drink lots of water (cut out the little bit of sodas you drink)
- Eat more organically
- Cut out breads, pastas, and dairy/meat
- Exercise more
With this being said i want you to feel more confident in your body. Stop worrying about what you'll look like and wear the stuff you love. Wear the clothes you feel confident in and embrace your style even more.
You love to create. This year i want you to create more whether that be drawing more and writing more. Take some time out of your day and create something. You've always wanted to design a clothing line, start now. Why wait? Take more pictures. Learn guitar. Learn the drums. Use your creativity for whatever you feel you should use it for.
Go to as many concerts as your ears can handle.
Scream as loud as you can and lose your voice. It'll come back i promise.

                  Overall work hard to accomplish the goals you've placed above your bed.

                                             You can do it I believe in you.
                                                         Fingers crossed.
                                                 -Abbey Mae 12/31/14 4:59 pm

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Faves 2014♡

   Hello babes!It's that time of year again and may i say it is hotter than ever!I've literally been just sweating any makeup that touches my face off. However, my love for makeup has not lessened any which leads me to still wear makeup during the summer.With this being said i am back to using my blog ,which i was suppose to launch back in April ,but my days became busy making the start of this blog now.I posted a picture onto my instagram{@itsabbeybabe}showing all the products I've been in love with this summer!(seen below)
Check out the picture on my ig @itsabbeybabe
I decided that it would be a good idea to tell you why I've been loving these products here to give you a better idea instead of just seeing a picture i posted and leaving you to wonder why these products have benefited me this summer.
   Beginning with the hoola bronzer from benefit.This bronzer is great for a variety of skin tones. Being that i am very fair due to the winter season,it is really hard for me to find a bronzer that doesn't turn me orange and have me walking around looking like an oompa loompa! Also being that it is summer my skin will be getting darker within the new few months ,so this bronzer is great for that transition as well! This bronzer is also great for my contouring lovers out there due to the fact this bronzer is matte!!Which I've had so much difficulty finding a good matte bronzer that is actually matte (no shimmer). Not only is the color pay off great but it is also build able which is great for when your skin gets darker during the summer season!

   Next up is my all time favorite summer blusher. This blusher is the Milani baked blusher in "Luminoso". I have so many good things to say about this! For one this blusher is a drugstore blusher, and for a drugstore blusher i think that is amazing! By far one of the best blushers I've used ever. This blusher is a coral shade ,however it also plays the role of a highlighter.No need to purchase a highlighter with this blusher!! After using this blush my face just has this beautiful glow to it and gives off the perfect summer vibe. Overall i couldn't put in words how amazing this blusher is!

   Moving onto a mascara I've had a hate to love relationship with. I'm a big mascara girl and with that being said i have tried my fair share of mascaras in the past couple years. When i first purchased this mascara ( the great lash "lots of lashes" from Maybelline) i had seen it through a youtuber and thought wow her lashes are huge!After purchasing it i soon realized it did nothing for my lashes. I soon tucked it away later coming back to and deciding to give it a go on my lower lashes because of the shape of the bristles and the small size of the wand. This mascara has now taken the place as my go to lower lash mascara! I could never find a small enough brush to cover all my lower lashes without getting mascara everywhere!! This mascara that i hated at first has now impressed me to becoming one of my favorites!

   Moving along to yet another bronzer! This bronzer is a great dupe for the Hoola bronzer. May i add it is way less expensive than the Hoola from benefit!! I use this bronzer on days i don't want such a heavy bronze look. This bronzer gives me a nice glow to my face without giving me a full contour. I love to use this on those days where i just slap on some concealer and bronzer and leave the house  for the day. It is definitely a great light bronzer for everyday use!!

   Say hello to my current favorite mascara! Yes i have two mascara favorites! I have come to the conclusion my lashes look way better if i use two different mascaras for my upper and lower lashes which may sound insane but hey it works! The maybelline mega plush was huge at one point and everyone was raving about it. This kind of pushed me away from purchasing it,because usually when people love a product i end up hating it due to my expectations being so high.A few weeks ago i was at the store and decided to pick this one up to try (mainly because it was on sale).After the first use i was in love!! My lashes look amazing with just one coat of this on.The wand is big and great for upper lashes! Also it doesn't clump at also and puts a good amount of product onto your lashes!

   Now you may be wondering why a powder is in my favorites for the summer. "It's so hot out you're just gonna sweat it off." Yeah,yeah i know! However I've noticed this powder actually last a lot longer than my other powders and keeps my face pretty matte whilst im hot a sweaty. What more could a girl ask for? This powder is also super cheap and a drugstore product. I love to just throw this in my purse and touch it up a little when I've gone somewhere where im outside for a while in the heat and voila back to matte skin! Loved this product to pieces ,however i wish the packaging was a lot better,but hey the price for this is great!

    Almost done! Next is a product i find myself reaching for when im looking a little on the tired side. The Benefit eye bright is one of my surprising good products! I received this in a set i purchased from Sephora thinking i would never use it! It ended up being one of the products i never leave the house without! This is a pink toned crayon stick that i like to apply on my brow bone for a little lift and my inner corners to make my eyes appear more awake. I find myself using this a lot at school because i hate trying to keep eye shadows from breaking in my school bag but still want that brightening in my inner corner. This product is also great because you can't really tell the product is on but the difference it makes to your eyes is fascinating. So if you don't want to look a little more awake without a ton of makeup this is the perfect product!!

   Last but not least is something i have talked numerous times about on my youtube channel, and you can watch me demonstrate many tutorials with this over there! This is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. This palette has the perfect variety of golds and browns, which make any summer look complete! I also love the sleek packaging of this product its great to throw in any bag and not having to worry about it busting open everywhere! There is so many great things i could say about this palette and it's great pigmentation ,but i would be going on for days and days!!

   So there you go! My summer go to products for 2014.I hope all of your summers are going well and stick around for another blog post coming soon!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My New Blog!

Hello Everyone! I stumbled upon this blog and couldn't help but to remember when i first made it. The excitement i found upon making it suddenly came back to me. I've decided to relaunch my blog due to the sudden motivation and creativity i have for it. There are so many things i have planned for this blog ,and i cannot wait to share them with you! This is a creativity outlet for me, and i'm excited for you all to be apart of it. I've decided to take a new approach this time, and instead of this just being a beauty and fashion blog (which it still will be) I also want to share my love for self confidence and learning to love yourself for who you are. Of course outer beauty only goes so far! I want you all to feel like you have self worth, and with this being something i truly love to help girls with as well as a big promoter of. I hope this blog brightens your day and truly makes you feel like you are worth so much more than you feel now! I'm truly excited to relaunch this blog coming up soon!
            Much Love,
                      Abbey Mae

Instagram- @itsabbeybabe
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