As a girl who is tall, dress code was my middle name in high school or maybe it was written on my forehead "GIVE ME DRESS CODE". When I started college I was so excited to get to wear whatever I wanted to class. Although some days I may be a little over dressed for class i've loved using college to my advantage to try out all the outfits I ever dreamed of wearing. My style has definitely grown since my Freshman year of college until now my sophomore year. I'll admit it felt a little strange wearing jeans that were completely ripped up the first time to class or even that dress that was mid thigh, but it was the best feeling to be able to rock whatever the HECK I wanted. I've found a love for putting together outfits for class the night before (adulting I know!!). I've found myself on Pinterest and then taking a trip to Goodwill to find pieces to create all the outfits I could ever pin. I want to start sharing the outfits i've been wearing to class. I like looking back at the outfits I wear months later and thinking oh my gosh why did I wear that or ooh that was cute I forgot I had that. Enjoy my first outfit of the day! (ft my new turtleneck you'll be seeing in a lot of outfits. Sorry in advance!)

           When I was younger I hated turtlenecks. I remember it so clearly, one morning for school my mother forcing me into a light blue, itchy turtleneck (that I honestly could have choked to death in jk love you mom). I decided I would never wear another one again. That decision was changed this month when I saw the most beautiful Tommy Hilfiger black turtleneck ,and what made it so beautiful was it was 3 DOLLARS!! I think i'll give turtlenecks another go for 3 bucks. Although it still does choke me a little when I put my backpack on, i've found myself wearing it quite a lot.  The awesome thing is it's so versatile it never looks the same with any outfit.
Top: Tommy Hilfiger (Goodwill $3)
Skirt: Target
I paired the look with some tights since it was a bit
chilly out and my favorite white target shoes (not pictured).
Shoes (similar):

       I hope you enjoyed my first outfit post. I'll have plenty more with a wide range of styles to come. Stay tuned for more and I'll talk to you soon!!
                                                                 With Love, Abbey